Who We Are

Who We Are

A To Z Holiday & Medicare is formed with very experienced Medical Tourism Professional and Medical Experts. We are a group of people working toward the betterment of the society and to provide our services to the needed ones. Our main Goal is to provide the International healthcare services with a simple manner. Our group of people will provide all basic and integral services to patients worldwide. A To Z Holiday and Medicare, is a General and Medical Tour Operator & Consultancy Partnership Firm, registered in Dhaka, Bangladesh under Trade License # 286369 under Dhaka Uttar City Corporation. It is facilitate General and Medical Tourism Services for Bangladeshi Patients with utmost care and professional manner. A To Z Medicare is one of most credible health care facilitator. We focus on providing the best specified yet economical medical treatment to our clients. Manage by true enthusiastic and experienced professionals. We have a customer centric approach along with compassion, reliability and accountability as the main values followed. We provide you a perfect blend of quality with value for money, customer satisfaction and warm environment.

Our Vission

To achieve excellence in all our engagements and serve efficiently & diligently wherever business takes; To deliver great products and technology solutions, best in class performance to our customers every time; To create competitive advantages for our business partners

OUR Mission

We aim at offering innovative Services & Solutions, preserving the premier quality which would reflect in our performance. We are also committed to providing refined state-of-the-art products and flexible business solutions that drive all-scale multi-components. We are committed to establishing and following the highest norms in corporate governance with strong emphasis on efficiency, transparency and cost–effective solutions to meet complex requirements. Gradual & logical growth by creating long term partnership with client. Pursue strategic alliances with complementary players. Proactive initiatives in nurturing the current business. Product diversification with market segment. Proliferation of innovative ideas.

Help Together

Corporate Responsibility

Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Ensure Prompt Services

Care & Trust

We believe that caring comes from the heart and his extended to all whom we serve. We value integrity and are sincere in all our dealings with others.

Service excellence

We go the extra mile to create memorable and pleasant experiences for all. Do the right thing with good attitude.


We simply want to be the best in everything we do. A team work with professionalism and hard working.

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