E-Clinic Project

Authorized Agent of Telemedicine Kiosk ( E-Clinic) :

A To Z Holiday And Medicare, Dhaka has MOU with Indian one the big Medical Tourism Company to get authorized agent in Bangladesh to sell and marketing their Medical Device and Telemedicine Kiosk. This is one of the modern E-Clinic where we can support rural and remote area with some limited requirements and can connect to the Central Hospital in Bangladesh and also India Top Hospital to get Instant Doctors Opinion and Consultation upon doing the primary checkup with the device. We will co-operate Government and Private Hospitals in Bangladesh.


Tele-medicine allows doctor to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients at a distance using tele communications technology. The approach has been through a striking evolution in the last decade and it is becoming an increasingly important part of the global healthcare. The rise of the internet age brought with it profound changes for the practice of tele-medicine. The proliferation of advanced tele-medicine devices, capable of high-quality video transmission, opened up the possibility of delivering remote healthcare

The GMS Tele-Med is a self-contained medical unit using advanced technologies to directly connect patients with doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists for both consultative needs. Tele kiosk and tele-suitcase is a telemedicine care which can diagnose and can share the live diagnosis to the doctor anywhere & anytime. It is a system which is equipped with an FDA approved device, and can provide the most accurate findings of the diseases in its early stage, it also provides live access between patients & Doctors. GTS provides the exclusive doctor’s desk which ensures every tele cart will have 24 hours Doctor’s availability. It is associated with multi-specialty Hospital to have second opinion whenever required.

Built-In Devises in Tele Medicine Kiosk :

Patients can get the Primary Check –up and test from this Telemedicine Kiosk :
1. ECG
3. IRIS Scope
4. Digital Thermometer
5. BP Apparatus
6. Pulse Oximeter
7. Sugar Homoglobin
8. Urine Analyser
9. Stetho Scope
10. BMI
12. Ultrasound Scanning
13. Dermo Scope

Telemedicine Kiosk ( E-Clinic)

Benefit for setting up Telemedicine Kiosk at Hospital :

1. Hospital wants to setup this Telemedicine Kiosk in major district and divisional city in Bangladesh with setup small booth to extend the service and do greater services to the patients;
2. Patients from remote areas can get similar service without visiting to Dhaka or India;
3. It can create new job facility to authorize unemployed Doctors and Nurse in this project;
4. Hospital revenue will increase gradually and make good reputation in the Health Sector in Bangladesh;
5. We can customize the backend software as per Hospital requirement. If Hospital Authorities want, it can connect with overseas Hospitals and Doctors also.
6. This Machine can also serve top leading and reputed senior Doctors and Consultant to extend your services to the various destinations of Bangladesh and control from their Main Chamber. It will benefits both Doctors and Patients.
7.  Patients can easily get exact Primary checkup in a nominal costing and get reputed doctors consultation without visited to Dhaka or India. It will save money and time also. It is also easier to the Patients comfort. If any serious treatment require, then we will assist to transfer to the main center or India whatever require. So here we can provide all sorts of services in one booth.